2021 Forbes NBA Team Value List sees Knicks lead with $5 billion leads

Forbes has announced the 2021 NBA team value rankings. The average team value climbed from 2.1 billion US dollars to 2.2 billion US dollars, an increase of 4% year-on-year, the smallest increase since 2010. Compared with other leagues in North America, the value growth of NBA and MLB teams is similar, lagging behind the 7% growth of NFL teams. The league’s revenue dropped by 10% to $7.9 billion,
but the NBA’s financial outlook is still optimistic, and big market teams are particularly attractive.
The New York Knicks topped the list for the sixth consecutive year, with a market value of $5 billion, a year-on-year increase of 9%. The main business income for the whole year was 421 million US dollars, and the operating profit was 178 million US dollars.
The Knicks have lost nearly 70% of their games in the past six seasons, and have won only one playoff game since 2000, but still managed to maintain their number one position. The high valuation of the team is largely due to MSG’s $1 billion arena refurbishment, huge deals with local TV stations and the team’s position in the largest and richest sports market in North America.
The Warriors ($4.7 billion) surpassed the Lakers ($4.6 billion), and the two teams ranked second and third. This is the first time the Lakers have fallen out of the top two since 1999.
2021 Forbes NBA team value list top ten are: Knicks 5 billion US dollars, Warriors 4.7 billion US dollars, Lakers 4.6 billion US dollars, Bulls 3.3 billion US dollars, Celtics 3.2 billion US dollars, Clippers 2.75 billion US dollars, Nets 2.6.5 Billion US dollars, the Rockets 2.5 billion US dollars, the Mavericks 2.45 billion US dollars, and the Raptors 2.15 billion US dollars.

  1. New York Knicks: Value: USD 5 billion, Increase: 9%, Owner: Madison Square Garden, Operating profit: $178 million.
  2. Golden State Warriors: Value: US$4.7 billion, Increase: 9%, Boss: Joe Lacob, Peter Cooper and Operating profit: US$200 million.
  3. Los Angeles Lakers: Value: US$4.6 billion, Increase: 6%, Boss: Bath Family Trust, Philip Anschutz and Operating profit: US$155 million.

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