MVP admits his son is responsible for incredible comeback

WWE star, MVP, has told Daily Star Sport he was ready to quit wrestling this year – only for his son to inspire his incredible comeback.

The 46-year-old challenges Apollo Crews for the United States Championship on Sunday night as part of Horror Show at Extreme Rules.


The veteran grappler has slotted seamlessly back into life as a regular on-screen performer with the company, but it appears to be the most unlikely of career resurgences.

It’s over a decade since MVP – Montel Vontavious Porter – was last with Vince McMahon’s sports entertainment juggernaut, with that part of his career seemingly consigned to the record books.

However, things changed dramatically when WWE brought their landmark Royal Rumble event to his Houston, Texas hometown in January of this year.

With his son a keen wrestling fan, he posed the idea of returning as a surprise entrant in the event’s Rumble match, a cameo appearance being the perfect gift for the youngster – or so he thought.

That fleeting appearance developed into much more and, now, MVP is a staple part of Monday Night Raw.

In our exclusive interview, he explained how everything came together, saying: “I didn’t intend to return full time, my intention was to return briefly for my son, who is a big wrestling fan now.

“Royal Rumble was in Houston and he was constantly drop kicking and suplexing pillows on the bed and would ask me ‘Daddy, you know WWE wrestling?’

“So I thought it would be a really cool surprise for his first event to be Royal Rumble, so I reached out and asked about being a surprise entry.

“Much to my pleasure, WWE welcomed it with open arms.

“So it was supposed to be a one-off, but it turned in to me wrestling Rey Mysterio the following night – who is his favourite wrestler – so I was just thrilled to be able to give that gift to my son.

“Then I was offered a job to be a producer and had accepted that job, and the next thing I know I was offered the MVP Longue and a few other segments.

“It was then ‘Hey don’t worry about being a producer, can we put you on tv on a regular basis?’

“I love that my son watches me on tv on a weekly basis now, and I still have a lot of experience and knowledge that I can share… it’s’ a beautiful moment.”

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