U.S. Football Association welcomes first female chairman, as former chairman Cordero officially resigns due to sexism

Vice Chairman Cindy Parlow Cone took over as chair, and she became the first female chair in the history of the US Football Association.

Recently, U.S. Football Association president Carlos Cordiero was forced to resign for expressing a discriminatory view. Vice-Chairman Cindy Parlow Cone took over as chairman. She also became the first in the history of the United States Football Association. A female chair.

Previously, in 2019, the 28 women’s football teams of the United States jointly sued the American Football Association to federal court. The reason for the lawsuit was because of gender discrimination, including but not limited to differences in pay, competition venues, training environments, medical facilities and travel standards. Received $ 66 million in compensation. Since then, U.S. Football Association Chairman Cordeiro made inappropriate remarks in court, saying that “American men’s football players bear greater responsibilities than American women’s football players, and men’s football players need to meet more speed and strength skills than women’s football players. “High”, this kind of sex discrimination has caused even greater protests.

Coca-Cola, Budweiser, Deloitte, Visa and other US Football Association sponsors have almost all joined the criticism of the US Football Association. Cordeiro was forced to apologize and announce his resignation.

According to the Wall Street Journal, in fact, the contribution of the US Women ’s Football Team to the American Football Association ’s financial revenue is much greater than that of the American Men ’s Football Team. The US women’s football is the World Cup champion, and it is stronger than men’s football in terms of real gold and silver contribution, market influence, and attracting sponsors. The American Football Association has now agreed to the request for equal pay for women’s football.

Kodeiro replaced the crippled former Gurati as the chairman of the Football Association after the 2018 US men’s football missed the World Cup in Russia. During his tenure, he helped the United States win the co-hosting of the 2026 Men’s Football World Cup. His term was originally due to expire in 2021.

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