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Ihedioha okays Imo Sports Festival

In its bid to restore the lost glory of sports by aligning to the building of  Imo mantra of Governor Emeka Ihedioha, the Imo State Sports Commission is poised to a golden mark through a three line action of accountability, transparency and professionalism.

This was made known by the chairman of the commission, Chief Fan Ndubuoke during his opening remarks yesterday on the first day of the two day retreat organized for the commission’s workers.

According to Ndubuoke,  “It is apparently clear that for us to achieve our desired goals and to effectively align to the Rebuild Imo programme of the current administration, we must allow accountability, transparency and professionalism to be our watch words”.

He added, “Accountability means every naira made available to the commission must be utilized for the purpose it was released – it must not be diverted or embezzled. Transparency indicates we must operate an open door policy where everybody is involved and participates as well as contributes to issues for a collective decision to be taken. And, of course, professionalism teaches us that we should be guided by the code and ethics as directed by the commission. The moment we put into practice these profound line of job applications, frankly, we shall achieve great heights”.

In the course of his address, Ndubuoke called on the workers to have a rethink on their inclination towards ensuring commendable results in future regional, national and international competitions. He pointed out that the era of comming to work late, not coming to work at all,  doing nothing or working up down during work  hours, is now in the past.

The chairman made it clear that a part of the commission’s innovation was to pursue an insurance policy to guarantee the healthcare and well being of the workers.

Concluding, Ndubuoke revealed that the governor had approved the Imo State Sports Festival to be staged next month even as he equally gave the go ahead order to bring back all Imo State athletes competing for other states, using the project called Return to the Roots.

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