England to abandon game if subjected to racist abuse

The England squad have agreed they will collectively abandon a game if any of them is subjected to repeated racist abuse from the stands.

It comes after Gareth Southgate called a meeting on Monday evening with all the England players, to discuss what action they would take in the face of possible racism in the future.

Southgate explained what the UEFA protocols are, and we’ve been told the players unanimously agreed to follow those protocols.

UEFA’s three-step protocol begins with any player subject to abuse notifying their captain, who would then speak to the referee.

At that point, the referee will initially stop the game and ask for a PA warning to the crowd.

A second incident of racism heard by the referee or reported to him/her will lead to the official taking the teams off the pitch, and a further tannoy warning made to the crowd that the game may be abandoned if the abuse persists.

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