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LASTMA goes tough on errant officers – Deputy General Manager

Dapo Sotuminu, Lagos

The Deputy General Manager (DGM) of Lagos State Traffic Management Authourity (LASTMA), Comptroller Isaac Adetimiro has disclosed that the management of the agency has intensified efforts in the monitoring and sanctioning of errant officers owing to numerous complaints received from members of the public assuring them that no culprit will escape the sanction of the agency.

Adetimiro further said that several complaints involving about twenty officers on extortion and high handedness by LASTMA officers had been received, investigation had been concluded on three officers for extortion, the three officers have already been reprimanded after preliminary investigations and are awaiting further sanction through the setting up of a disciplinary committee known as Personnel Management Board (PMB) according to the extant laws of the public service rules while the other seventeen officers misdemeanours are under serious investigation for culpability.

However, the DGM clarified that the majority of LASTMA officers are diligent and upright in the discharge of their duties with only few errant ones but that the agency management would leave no stone unturned in fishing out the few ones that are tarnishing the image of the agency.

The public may recall that earlier in the year two LASTMA officers were summoned and disciplinary action taken against them owing to the misdemeanour of extorting a motorist who committed a traffic offence, LASTMA authourity have also continued to receive complaints and some are redressed in favour of genuine complainants with evidences, either administratively or through the traffic mobile courts which has been attested to by all of the complainants.

“We will continue to look inwards in eradicating these misdemeanours by increasing our monitoring and surveillance on officers at their duty posts so as to ensure that they are civil to the populace as well as eschew corruption in the discharge of their duties,” Adetimiro stated.

The DGM used the opportunity to admonish Lagos road users “to change their attitude and obey traffic rules and regulations at all times in order to avoid incessant traffic gridlock being experienced on our roads.”

He also noted that the behaviour of drivers and other road users which he listed among others to include problems created by yellow buses drivers, street trading, pedestrian crossing in unauthourised places, menace of okada and tricycle drivers, illegal/improper parking/waiting as some of the attitudes synonymous with traffic situations on Lagos roads.

The present Lagos State administration of the Governor, Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu has hinged one of its commitment at achieving a “Greater Lagos” on six pillars of development with the acronym THEMES, the T standing for Transportation and Traffic Management, in order to move the State forward.

Adetimiro concluded that LASTMA in spite of the bad eggs amongst its staff would continue to discharge its duties of traffic management to the best of its abilities, he therefore enjoined all road users to be law abiding or be ready to face the full wrath of the traffic law.

The LASTMA authourity hereby reiterates that the following hotlines are available to the public for general complaints:



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