Former NFA board member gives more insights into Kojo Williams’s impeachment

Dapo Sotuminu, Lagos

A former board member of the Nigeria Football Federation (name withheld) who was at the forefront of a nationwide campaign for the election of Kojo Williams as NFA Chairman in 1999, has come out to put the record straight, that, the youngest ever Nigeria Football Association boss was actually impeached in a board meeting of the association and not at a Congress as earlier reported by Sports Compass.

Our impeccable source who disclosed that he personally witnessed the impeachment of Kojo Williams, revealed that, 80 percent of the information in the first story was correct, except for the occasion of the impeachment.

Our source noted: “Kojo Williams was impeached in a board meeting.

“Prior to the incidence of his impeachment, Kojo has demonstrated lack of tolerance and was power drunk with little or no respect for his fellow board members and staff of the Football Association.

“In previous board meetings, Kojo had been warned not to attend board meetings with his personal assistant. But on this very day, he came into the venue of the board meeting with this same personal assistant, who he insisted must sit beside him in the meeting.

“But this was objected to by the board members who insisted that Kojo’s Personal Assistant must leave the meeting.

“The NFA Chairman, objected to this order, and in anger banged the high table and started calling the board members unprintable names.”

Our source stated that at this point, the board members were asked to go on a break. And while on break, the board members held a caucus meeting where they all agreed to impeach the chairman whose attitude had become unbearable.

“On resumption of the meeting, the chairman was still not remorseful. It was just a single motion of impeachment that was overwhelming supported, and Kojo Williams was impeached. It was the end of an era. Despite having laudable programmes for the country’s football, the three months reign of Kojo Williams as Chairman of the Nigeria Football Association, was fraught with abuse of power and gross disregard for the rules and regulations governing the administration of the association.”

Our impeccable source also stressed that aside from the former number two citizen in the country championing the cause of the former chairman’s ascendancy to the exalted position, the former Military Administrator of Lagos State, Chief Olabode George, also played a prominent role in the enthronement of Kojo Williams as NFA Chairman.


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