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Volleyball: New players discovered at the Division One League, says NVBF president Nimord

The President of Nigeria Volleyball Federation, Engineer Musa Nimord said new players have been identified at the recently concluded Division One League held at the indoor sports hall of the University of Ilorin, Kwara state.

Nimrod commended the various state government and club sides for releasing their teams to participate at the revived league.

He said some of the younger players at the league performed above expectations.

Nimrod said, “I want to tell you that I could not believe what I was seeing in Ilorin; volleyball has come to a certain stage that where players play with their body, strength and heart. The federation have seen new and young players, some still in secondary schools.

“The defensive and attacking prowess I witnessed is fantastic; all the clubs in the division one are good teams. I want to use this opportunity to thank the various state governments that has allowed clubs to be here and the present teams and I am looking forward for the second phase of the division one in Bauchi”.

Nimord said the League Management Committee has to study the calendar of the Federal Ministry of Sports, CAVB and FIVB to decide a date for the second phase of the Division one league in Bauchi state.

“He said, “The League Management Committee will decide because July and August is very tight and up to middle of September for other sports in Nigeria. We have to look at the schedule of the ministry, FIVB, CAVB; it is not going to be easy but the information that has gotten to me is that we have agreed to go to Bauchi state.

The Kaduna Sport  administrator/philanthropist said the federation is partnering with stakeholders across the country to discover players at the grassroots through the Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports.

He said, “I want to inform you that we are working with the zonal coordinators in the various zones; coaches and game masters courses have been done in the past. I know that of the South West will be coming this July, the South East and South South proposed 29th to 30th of July; that is the background if you get the game masters and coaches, they will definitely catch the young one.

“I know very well that we are going to get new players through the zonal coordinators of the Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports and we are in contact with them”.



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