NFRU: Six top clubs storm Zaria for Lilleker Rugby Tournament

Dapo Sotuminu

Six top clubs in the Nigeria Football Rugby Union, will converge in the ancient city of Zaria to compete in the 2019 Lilleker Rugby Tournament.
The clubs are: homers Zaria Elephants, Plateau Tigers, Kano Scorpions, Kaduna Crocodiles, Hanwa Spiders of Zaria and Abuja Warriors.
Taking advantage of being the host of the tournament, only Zaria will present two clubs: the Zaria Elephants and Hanwa Spiders.
The tournament according to the president of the Nigeria Football Rugby Union, Sir Edward Pam Fom, will take place on July 20, 2019 at the Zaria Polo Field, starting from 2pm.
Fom, added that, aside from the robust rugby actions, just as it is done in recognised international competitions across the world, there will be entertainment to the delight of the various participating clubs and the ever enthusiastic spectators in Zaria.
He noted that, the earlier activities of clubs like the Plateau Tigers, Kaduna Crocodiles and Hanwa Spiders of Zaria, who had taken part in two different cup competitions; the Richard Rafco Cup and the Maria’s Lodge Cup will give them a little edge over other participating clubs in the Lilleker Rugby Tournament.


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