Rafael Nadal: ‘Roger Federer’s gamestyle is different than years ago’

In an interview to Eurosport Rafael Nadal commented on his upcoming French Open match against Roger Federer. The Spaniard said: “Roger will try to play an aggressive match of course. That’s working so far and if I were him, I would not change it.

His gamestyle is different than the ones of some years ago, now he is more aggressive and tries to avoid the longer rallies, which did not happen in the past. In the end, he can have a similar game plan as eight years ago, but he changes some details over time.”

On what he has been doing during his free time, Nadal added: “I am coming from playing cards. I won one and the other so and so. Today I trained and the Truth is that I saw myself very focused. I tried visualizing the way I want to play tomorrow.

I trained, ate well enjoyed and now I will go rest in the hotel and will watch some matches.” Meanwhile, Novak Djokovic said: “The presence I think of history-making is stronger than ever right now in my career.

I think the longer I play or the further I go, I guess, in my career, the sense of history-making is only getting stronger. That’s one of the greatest motivations I have, obviously. I think there is no better way to make the history of the sport than to win slams and play your best in the biggest events, and obviously try to stay No. 1 as long as you can. I mean, those are, results-wise, the pinnacle achievements that you can have in our sport.”



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