Libyan football stars and fans express solidarity to help young Muayed Al-Sheri overcome cancer

The Libyan sporting public has launched a campaign of solidarity with the young14 year old footballer MUAYED AL-SHERIF, who is playing for AL-AHLI BENGHAZI club in the mini category. He is preparing to undergo surgery for a nasal sinuses tumoral mass dissection which has been diagnosed preliminarily as a benign mass.
The Libyan football stars launched a hashtag titled MOUAYED is stronger than disease, and the football star of AHLI BENGHAZI club “ABDULLAH SHAFI” wished a quick recovery for the player in a post on his page on “Facebook” and said, “We ask God the great Lord to heal you dear”.”AHMED ALHRAM” captain of the ALNASAR club, the traditional rival of AL AHLI BENGHAZI club, saying the same, that this little football star is waiting for his surgery and he will be stronger than the disease. The Tunisian Esperance Club Libyan star “HAMDOU ALHONI” in solidarity with the young player published his image and words wishing him to heal through his official account on “Instagram”.
The posts of most local players, including messages of solidarity from most of the official clubs’ websites, have been circulating.
During the holy month of Ramadan, professional football stars in the city of Benghazi organized a tournament known for years as “HAMEIDA football tournament” which is organized every year in the city.
The messages of support and solidarity were presented to the patient, who was present and encouraged by the public. Photos were taken with the stars of the Libyan Premier League, most notably the players of the Libyan national team SALEM ROMA , MUATAZ AL-MAHDI , KHALID MAJDI , ABDULLAH AL-ARIFI , SUFIAN CHICO , MURAD AL-WAHISHI and JAWAD RIZK.
One of the biggest Libyan clubs «AL-ITTIHAD» hosted the young football star and old players of ALITTIHAD club organizing a match in his honor. The young patient was very happy and took photos with the former stars of the Libyan football club.
The young player is currently in Tripoli because of the arrangements made by the Libyan Ministry of Sports to obtain a passport for him and his mother in preparation for travel and treatment in a foreign country.
On its facebook page, AL-AHLI BENGHAZI club published a letter of support and encouragement for the young patient MUAYED AL-SHERIF following the announcement that he is suffering from a mass in his sinuses. The club said: “Because the heroes may not be broken by difficulties and just as you fight in the stadium wearing the red T-shirt, winning matches, so we want you a hero, everyone stands with you and supports you to come back to us, there is a team and fans of AHLI waiting to see you in the stadium again. ”
ADEL AL-SHERIF, father of MUAYED, expressed his happiness for the solidarity of the sports scene in Libya, confirming in a press statement that sport gives his son much happiness, and without football, the complications would have been greater.



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