Nigerian footballer arrested with hard drugs in India

Nigerian footballer, simply identified as Ikenna, has been arrested in India with hard drugs.

Reports say he was accused of living with an expired visa and was nabbed with crystal meth from northeast Delhi during a midnight raid and was subsequently taken to his house in Kardampuri in Jyoti Nagar, where 18 grams of cocaine was also recovered.

According to, a policeman, Atul Kumar Thakur, said they got a tip off about Ikenna, who has been residing in India without a visa since 2013 and had entered the country initially as a professional football player.

A team led by ACP Gokulpuri Anuj Kumar nabbed him while he was on his way to a party where he was about to sell the contraband.

Later, when the officers reached his house, they found more drugs. Ikenna, upon interrogation, revealed an inter-state racket involving smuggling of party drugs. He told the cops that he was the third person in the chain of suppliers and was getting the crystal meth from his source in Mumbai.

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