Oyo Fed Cup 2019: Crown FC beat M12 FC 2-1 to zoom to final

Goals from Adeyemi Adeyeye in the 60th and 78th minutes gave the Ajilete Warriors a comfortable win 2-1 over M12 Football Club to zoom to the final stage of the prestigious 2019 Oyo State Federation Cup at the Lekan Salami Stadium, Adamasingba, Ibadan, Sunday.

Both sides started on an impressive note, full of energy with good passes and artistry display that saw the spectators clap at intervals for giving them value for their money.

Adeyemi Adeyeye’s shot that would have put the Soun Boys ahead in the fifth minute(5th) with an assist from Chibuike Nwankwo,who took on the last two(2), went wide the cross bar.

In the early eight (8th) and fifteenth(15th minutes, Adeyemi Adeyeye and Chibuike Nwankwos’ clear cut chances that would have put the team in a calm lead were equally missed.

Experienced Eduviere Allen, Babangida Muhammed and Odedele Israel kept pressurizing the Ajilete Warriors defence but the calmness of experienced Christopher Nwaeze and Akinola Abiodun halted their tireless efforts.

It was a goalless draw at the end of the first forty five (45) minutes of play.

Telegraphic passes from Muazu Taiwo to Sunday Odudu and Ahmed Yahya at the flanks,sharp bends and speed , in the early minutes into the second half increased pressure on the homers.

Succour came in the sixtieth (60th) minute for the Ajilete Warriors when goal keeper Adeniyi Adejare gave a long kicked pass to Adeyemi Adeyeye . He shielded Emeka Augustine, dragged the ball to his left foot  and wiped the ball out of the reach of Rauf Yusuf,in goal for M12 Football Club to put the Soun Boys upfront on the goal chart.

The stadium went agog when a corner kick well played by Olalere Olukayode was wrongly parried by Adeniyi Adejare which saw Babangida Muhammed carefully nod the ball to give M12 FC an equaliser in the seventy fifth (75th).

Three minutes after, Adeniyi Adejare in goal for Crown FC , located Chibuike Nwankwo with

a very long kick. He brushed the ball backwards to Adeyemi Adeyeye who after a pace shot the ball into the net to double the lead for the Soun Boys in the seventy eighth (78th) minute to lower the morale of the M12 side.

The substitution of Muazu Taiwo, Sunday Odudu and Adeyemi Adeyeye for Babalola Ibrahim, Obinna Christopher and Tunde Adams further strengthened the team but Tunde Adams refused to increase the tally in the eighty second(82nd) minute by playing very wide a pass he ought to have skilfully placed inside the net.

Crown FC will play in the final of the 2019 Oyo State Federation Cup against the old rival and defending champions Shooting Stars Sports Club (3sc) in a yet to be fixed date.




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