NBA Academy Africa to compete in Euro Basketball League tournament Playoffs

The NBA Academy Africa team has arrived in Hungary and will take part in the Playoffs of the European Youth Basketball League Tournament in Pecs.

The academy team participated in Group A’s two stages of the competition to qualify for the Playoffs – Stage 1 took place in November 2018 with Stage 2 concluding last January. Six teams qualified for the Playoffs that are being hosted in Pecs from March 21-24: They are ;  The NBA Academy Africa (Senegal), London United (UK), Ratgeber Academy (Hungary), Szolnoki Sportcentrum (Hungary), Nyiregyhaza Blue Sharks (Hungary) and Basket Rimini Crabs (Italy).

 Coming out undefeated from Group A’s Stage 1 that took place in November, in Stage 2 of the competition the NBA Academy Africa team defeated London United (UK), Independents Basket France, Ratgeber Academy (Hungary) and TTU Basketball Academy (Estonia). The academy was the top team of the Stage 2 tournament with Kurt-Curry Wegscheider (Central African Republic) named to the tournament’s All-Star team and Nelly Junior Joseph (Nigeria) named the Most Valuable Player.

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