FIFA’s top two paid a combined $4 million-plus in 2018

FIFA’s bosses received aggregate remuneration of a combined $4.12 million (£3.1 million/€3.63 million) in 2018, according to a newly-published governance report from the world football governing body.

The organisation’s President, Gianni Infantino, was paid a base salary of $1.98 million (£1.49 million/€1.74 million) in what was a World Cup year.

To this was added a “variable salary” of $555,000 (£418,500/€490,000), along with flat-rate allowances of $24,319 (£18,337/€21,425).

In addition, FIFA also made employer contributions relating to Infantino of $173,666 (£130,944/€153,000) for social security, $27,238 (£20,537/€23,997) for a pension fund and $4,278 (£3,226/€3,769) for accident/illness insurance.

Figures were also published for Fatma Samoura, the body’s secretary general, whose $1.34 million (£1.01 million/€1.18 million) base salary was supplemented by a variable salary of $195,000 (£147,000/€172,000) and flat-rate allowances of $24,319 (£18,337/€21,425).

FIFA’s employer contributions relating to the Senegal national were as follows: social security – $106,102 (£80,001/€93,476); pension fund – $55,610 (£41,930/€48,992); and insurance – $5,192 (£3,915/€4,574).

All told, FIFA paid its Council members and 15 senior managers a total of $29.3 million (£22.1 million/€25.8 million) in 2018, including pension contributions.

Individual council members receive net annual compensation of up to $300,000 (£226,200/€264,300), as well as a daily allowance while on duty of up to $250 (£188.50/€220).

FIFA also published 2018 base compensation figures for a range of committee officials.

These included: audit and compliance committee chairperson Tomaž Vesel – $246,000 (£185,500/€216,750); ethics committee – investigatory chamber chairperson María Claudia Rojas – $246,000 (£185,500/€216,750); referees committee chairperson Pierluigi Collina – $215,000 (£162,000/€189,500); and 2026 bid evaluation task force member Ilčo Gjorgioski – $55,000 (£41,500/€48,500).

As already reported, FIFA’s revenues over the 2015-2018 business cycle totalled $6.42 billion (£4.85 billion/€5.66 billion).


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