FIFA to make vote public for 2023 women’s World Cup host

FIFA will make public its vote on the host for the 2023 Women’s World Cup.

FIFA has said following a meeting in Miami that after the council makes its decision in March 2020, the “result of each ballot and related votes of each member” will be “open and made public.”

It could be the most hotly contested bidding process for the tournament, which was first staged in 1991. Australia, Colombia, Japan and South Africa have been exploring bids. South Korea submitted a proposal to DPK Korea to jointly bid.

The United States, Canada and Mexico were chosen last year to host the 2026 World Cup. The votes by the FIFA Congress of all member associations were published. Previously, the decisions were taken in private by FIFA executive committee, which was renamed the FIFA Council in 2016.

FIFA asked countries interested in bidding to do so by Friday, but it has yet to disclose who made submissions. Bidders have until April 16 to complete their bidding registrations, and bid books must be submitted by Oct. 4.


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