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When Dreams Come Thru!

By Kufre Ekanem

It’s Day 75. 75 days since we flagged off Hymnodia. 75 continuous days of engagement on multiple platforms. 75 days of seeing the dream germinating and growing beyond my imaginations. Even ten years of gestation did not prepare me for how heavy the load will be once the rubber met the road. Yet, even a double dose of this current weight could not wipe the fulfillment I feel seeing this dream born and resonating near and far.

Hymnodia boss Kufre Ekanem, middle, with family members

Dreams do come through. Dreams do come true. A multi-prong reality programme created around Hymns and worship.

Yesternight was a landmark that makes me most proud. We have always said Hymnodia is “beyond singing”. We tested the would be Hymntestants with it during the auditions but last night’s Performance Show was the proof of the pudding. Each of the Top 10 Hymntestants of Hymnodia 2019 performed a self-composed hymn. Words, melody, harmony and all. Created within one week. With faculty help but their creations true and through. First time efforts largely but they do not remotely resemble that. It was surreal. Did I actually create this opportunity? 10 brand new hymns. One night. One stage.

We have had themes like ‘Hymns of Love’, ‘Hallelujah’ and ‘Hymns on the Cross’ thus far to great applause. This stanza’s theme is ‘Songs from the Word’ and the Hymntestants had to write their hymns from the Psalms, Songs of Solomon or Revelation.


I don’t want to give anything away ahead of Sunday’s broadcast but the performances ticked all the boxes of Triple-E (entertainment, education, edification). It was wholesome, it was fun, it was classy. To borrow from the hymnodian term used by the legendary Onyeka Onwenu two stanzas ago, last night was ‘hymnificient’. The culture of hymnmaking is making a roaring comeback! This one is not going away anytime soon.

Want to be part of the Hymnodia dream? Want to support the journey? Just holla and we can discuss. A successful culture intervention programme will always require multiple hands on deck and deeper resources than we singularly possess.

It’s Day 75! But more work lies in front. 40 days separate us from the grand concert of hymns where the winner of Hymnodia will be declared. We are braced up for it. Be ye ready!

For now, here’s saluting everybody who has been a part of Hymnodia in any way over the 10 years of gestation, the past 6 months of planning but especially the last 75 days of execution. You are all God’s rockstars. It is not gloat time or vote of thanks yet but it felt good to the team to publicly acknowledge Manny Eke (#MusicChef) for putting music to my words to create the Hymnodia theme song. That he took my lines of poetry of praise and gave it musical uplift is one side. To imagine that he did this since Q1, 2010 and it has stayed this relevant is just mind-blowing. Thank you, Manny. By popular demand, the full theme song is going to be available for download soon. Watch out!

Meanwhile, if you have a dream that’s gnawing inside you, let this encourage you. Do it now. Do it afraid but do it. The friend who finally tipped me forward to put my hands on the plough said “the worst thing that will happen is that we fail. Wouldn’t you rather fail at something this noble and far reaching?” Another said “do it now. Whatever is not yet available will come and meet you on the way”.

I promised them that failure is not an option. Failure is still not an option but so what if we/you fail? Got your own dream gnawing? Think it, work it and birth it. When that dream “comes through”, the feeling you get will be unmatchable.

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