Lionel Messi asked the referee not to look at VAR against Rayo Vallecano

When Barcelona played Rayo Vallecano last weekend, Lionel Messi was taken down in the penalty box and his teammates were looking around at the referee for a penalty to be given.

Once Messi stood up and saw that a penalty hadn’t been rewarded, he quickly moved on and asked the referee not to consult VAR and continue play, according to Marca.

“Don’t look at it [with VAR],” said Messi.

”Let’s go, let’s go.”

As history is written about Messi there are certain intangible qualities that will go down in his legend. Not forcing fans and those watching on television to endure a boring period of VAR review is yet another reason we can all agree that we love Messi.

Now let’s just hope if the same thing happens in the Champions League ole Messi will whine and complain like everyone else.


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