Lawrence Okolie vows to knock out Camacho in preparation for world level

Lawrence Okolie looks to claim his Commonwealth cruiserweight belt back when he faces Wadi Camacho on March 23rd at the Copper Box Arena.

Speaking about another British grudge match coming to fruition, Okolie is in confident mood, as ever.

“I look forward to doing the same again (as I did in my last fight) on March 23,” said Okolie in regards to stopping Tams Lodi in three rounds.

“Obviously it’s good that Wadi has taken the fight. But him, along with most of the people in my weight class in Britain just like to talk online. It is obviously frustrating for me.”

Okolie has shown impressive power in his fights. Only three opponents out of eleven have reached the final bell.

After lacklustre performances in the Askin and Chamberlain fights last year, Okolie has clearly shown the intention of demonstrating his entertainment value.

“On March 23 I will demonstrate to him and all of the other Cruiserweights in Britain what I’m about,” he promised.

“I think stopping Wadi is a formality for me. He’s got the sort of style that will leave him open to me knocking him out.”

Okolie vacated his Commonwealth title to pursue a fight with Matty Askin, in which he won the British title.

Now the two belts come together again, Okolie pictures himself much higher than his current level of opposition.

“I want to do it in a more systematic way. Maybe go in southpaw and practice different pattern movements. I want to go in there and show him that he’s a practice fight for me as opposed to a 50-50 fight.”


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