Dramatic Neymar spends 14 minutes on the ground in four World Cup games

Brazilian player, Neymar, has scored twice in his side’s journey to the World Cup quarter-finals. However, a Swiss TV station worked out that he has spent a lot of time on the ground after being fouled.
Despite only playing four matches, the Paris Saint-Germain star’s theatrics have seen him spend almost 14 minutes on the ground during this year’s World Cup in Russia.
Swiss TV station RTS calculated that the 26-year-old has spent a staggering 13 minutes 50 seconds on the ground.
As he has been fouled 23 times in four matches, Neymar spends on average almost 30 seconds ‘recovering’ from every knock.
He spent three minutes and 40 seconds recovering in Brazil’s match against Switzerland, two minutes 46 seconds against Costa Rica, one minute and 56 seconds recovering during the game against Serbia, and a huge five minutes and 29 seconds on the ground against Mexico.

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