Brock Lesnar, Paul Heyman set to dump WWE after SummerSlam

PAUL HEYMAN may leave WWE with Brock Lesnar after SummerSlam if his client loses the Universal Championship. Lesnar is widely expected to be dethroned, at the latest, by August 19 and since his WWE contract pays him by the fight he might then depart from Vince McMahon’s promotion.
Rumours suggest that The Beast is determined to return to UFC and if that happens then Heyman might also have to exit the wrestling promotion.
According to ESPN, there are no current plans involving the legendary manager outside of his role as the UFC legend’s advocate.
Lesnar isn’t scheduled to compete at Money in the Bank on June 17 and he will probably miss Extreme Rules as well.
Since Heyman only appears with the five-time world champion, then he as well may miss the next two Pay-Per-View shows.
Roman Reigns, Braun Strowman and Intercontinental Champion Seth Rollins pose as favourites to dethrone the ex-WWE Champion at SummerSlam.
Reigns, however, seems to be leading the way as WWE are trying to make him look like he was cheated in his last match with the ex-UFC Heavyweight Champion.
Lesnar beat The Big Dog in a controversial Steel Cage Match at the Greatest Royal Rumble in Saudi Arabia two months ago.
Reigns speared the Universal Champion through the cage but wasn’t awarded the belt even though his feet touched the floor first.
The Big Dog faces Jinder Mahal at Money in the Bank and the two RAW superstars are expected to feud throughout the summer.

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