Grand Master Nigel Short storms Lagos for Chess Clinic

By Oghobase Raphael, Lagos
Seven years after his maiden visit to Nigeria, top Britain chess Grand Master and former World Champion Challenger, Nigel Short is set to arrive Nigeria for chess related programmes Tuesday.
According to the President of Nigeria Chess Federation (NCF), Mr. Lekan Adeyemi, the visit to Nigeria is coming under the auspices of Kasparov Chess Foundation Africa whom over years have had chess developmental projects on the continent of Africa.
During the four-day visit to Lagos, from 4th-8th of June, the grand master will have training, exhibition programmes with chess players and stake holders and general promotion of the game in the country.
Grand Master Short, at the peak of his career was ranked third rated player in the world and his currently the only active chess player over the age of 50. As a global ambassador of the game, he has visited more than 100 countries both playing and promoting the game.
During the tour, aside meeting with the media, Short would be involved in simultaneous chess display with some top chess players in the country after a blitz tournament organized by the federation. There will be seminar and lecture by the Grand master and there after he would be opened for question and answer from participants and he will round up the tour with a visit to a chess playing school.
Four years ago, former World Champion, Gary Kasparov also visited the country for chess related programme.

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