WWE upset with Big Cass for going off script

Big Cass, may be in big trouble backstage. According to a new report, Cass might be in trouble from an incident that occurred on the May 1 edition of SmackDown.
Per Pro Wrestling Sheet, Cass may have upset WWE officials after a recent segment on SmackDown where the seven footer beat up a little person. From the report, Cass may have went too far with the attack.
“According to sources, however, it didn’t play out exactly as scripted.
We’re told Cass was directed to be done with the attack after hitting the impersonator with a big boot, but the wrestler asked if he could take it further with a beatdown. Backstage officials said no, but BC felt strongly about doing so and took the issue up with Vince McMahon … who also shot him down.
When the segment happened in the ring though, Big Cass went against what he was told after hitting the big boot and mounted the little person to throw a barrage of punches.”
Below is video of the incident
On WWE’s YouTube upload of the video the footage cuts out before Cass mounts the fake Daniel Bryan with punches, which could be seen on the live version of SmackDown.
Cass would go onto lose to Bryan at Backlash and did not appear on the May 8 edition of SmackDown.

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