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Nigeria Rugby Football Union perfects plans for 2018 League season

Dapo Sotuminu
In readiness of the 2018 Nigeria Rugby Football Union national league season which has been scheduled to start next weekend, high profile friendly games were organised in Jos, Plateau State.
The major friendly game, saw the host, the Jos Boys took on the Lagos Eko Islanders at the Polo Field Rugby Ground, Jos.
The Lagos Eko Islanders, from the Nigeria Rugby Football Federation, was made up of players from Cowrie RFC, Racing and Nigeria Police teams.
An elated president of the Nigeria Rugby Football Union, Sir Edward Fom Pam, stated after the fully loaded friendly game, that it was the first time in Jos, Plateau State and the entire northern states in 30 years to put together such a friend game that had a selection of the best teams from the southern part of the country come to the north to play Rugby.
“It was a pleasant surprise to see the caliber of players that travelled down north just to fulfill their passion. The most interesting part of the whole thing is that, these were clubs playing in the Nigeria Rugby Football Federation League, but since there was nothing happening in the end, they decided to make the rugby game in Nigeria a winner devoid of any form of politics or rancor.”
The Eko Islanders won the friendly game 10-7 courtesy of a last second penalty awarded to them by the referee.
To give life to the high profile friendly game, the Nigeria Rugby Football Union Under-17 team from Kaduna and the Plateau Tigers Under-17 team also played in the curtain raiser to get us ready for the heavyweight game.

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